Since the daily conduction knows in Digital Tachograph

There is a form very easy to know the daily conduction that we realize during the labor day with a Digital Tachograph.

From the principal screen and with the stopped vehicle we pulsate it roofs in it of navigation down (it) (darts) in the botonera of navigation. A secondary screen goes out for us with the time of constant conduction and the time of twice-weekly conduction (2 small sticks) of the Driver 1.

To the beginning of the day we annotate the numbers that us aparacen as condución twice-weekly, in this case of the picture 43 hours and 3 minutes.

When we end our daily conduction we return to realize the same operation annotating again the numbers that go out for us as twice-weekly conduction, 44 hours and 14 minutes.

Now only it is necessary to us to reduce both quantities and it will have time us of effective conduction during our period of daily work, 1 hour and 11 minutes.

This trick is valid for three brands of Tachograph foxgloves.

That enjoy it!!!

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